What we don’t do is what everyone else does

Tourism is an exciting industry – full of beautiful imagery, videos, user-generated content. People love planning their escapes (long or short) and so running a tourism campaign or tactical marketing activity is easy, right? Wrong.

Today’s digital environment is noisy.  Consumer’s are savvy, their attention is short and their expectations are high.  RTOs and DMOs need to be able to convert a consumer from a “like” a “follower” an “email address” or a “website visitor” and get them into the region. Inspiration alone is not enough.


Attracting the right audience at any level of marketing is critical. Knowing who your audience is, where they are spending their time, what they are thinking about, how they are motivated, inspired and what you want them to do with your message is critical in digital marketing – and it separates the winners from the pack.

Using the latest technology, data sets and consumer platforms we make sure you are attracting the right audience – a targeted audience… often so targeted it will blow your mind.

  • Data research
  • Digital strategy
  • Social strategy
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Consumer research and audience analysis
  • Targeted social advertising
  • Integrated digital advertising
  • Social profile setup


Organisations need to know how to inspire the right audience in the digital space. This should be part of your “always on” brand – providing inspiration and a reason for consumers to get to your destination.

Providing inspiration and aspirational content motivates your audience and moves them to the next phase of the consumer buying journey – the planning and booking phase.

Inspiration in the 2015 digital landscape is more than broadcast messages.

It’s about showing off, helping people discover, answering their questions, having conversations, building advocacy and humanising your region. Are you truly inspiring your audiences or just broadcasting?

  • Social profile management
  • In-house RTO and LTA training
  • Industry training
  • Social advertising


Consumers get to a point in their journey where they are ready to “book” – but they need and want critical information before they do.

Providing relevant, timely information – grabbing their attention and solving their problems via the right information, on the right platforms.

Our experience, research, customer behaviour insight, and data means we understand what it is the customer requires at every stage of the consumer cycle.

  • Campaign development, execution and management
  • Regional websites


Moving people to a destination is the ultimate success for any digital marketing activity – getting them to your region where they then stay longer and spend more.

We can have online ambassadors and advocates (powerful in digital marketing) but unless our region’s beds are filled, restaurants are getting bookings and foot traffic into our retail stores – we are failing at what is typically the highest overarching organisational objective for most RTOs – increasing visitation.

Yet most digital activities forget about “moving” people – getting them to the region – getting the conversion.  We don’t.

  • Digital tactical campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Microsites
  • Contests
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Retargeted marketing
  • E-commerce and booking platforms


Is the campaign a success?  Is your digital presence effective in moving people to your destination? Did your audience “do” what you wanted them to do?

We won’t let you die wondering.

If it’s trackable and measurable… we track and we measure. Why? Because the evaluation and review process always needs to be part of the process.

In fact it is the foundation of continual improvement – so we can always do bigger and do better.

  • Google Analytics
  • Social monitoring and listening
  • Social analytics and measures
  • Integrated campaign tracking and measurement

The consumer journey

The travel booking process, even for the short-break market, requires consumers to think, compare and justify their purchases – and undertake a “consumer journey”.

The steps and length of time spent in each stage will vary, but in today’s noisy digital landscape destination marketers need to understand the consumer’s journey – and deliver relevant and well timed content at each stage to solve consumer’s problems, build trust, expose their brand and move the consumer to book – conversion.